Superb Two-Piece Cognac NFTs by Hennessy

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January 12, 2022 – January 19, 2022




While others were in a rush, the elite cognac brand Hennessy decided to hold on for a while to present its exclusive NFTs with the advent of the new year. The only two non-trivial art pieces by Hennesy are dropping on January 12, allowing their lucky owners to the unsurpassed gourmet experiences. However, as the price is already known, the drop is more of a rare collectible than a one-evening treat.

The NFT drop by the LHMV family's core brand is the embodiment of all superior qualities inherent in Hennessy. Each token, paired with the physical collectible, will represent both physical and digital ownership of the first and last bottle in the collection (1 and 250, respectively), a limited-edition expression from the Cognac house.

Such a rarity will cost the collector a pretty penny, namely 70.47 ETH. But it is definitely worth it! The liquid captured inside the beautiful designer bottles honors the legacy of the house’s master blenders, combining one eau-de-vie from each generation of blenders and presenting it in a limited-edition, ultra-luxury formatting.

The ultra-rare Hennessy tokens are about to drop on the BlockBar NFT platform. 

“If you own the NFT, you own the underlying physical asset — often held in custody by a trusted company,” explains the BlockBar marketplace co-founder and President Sam Falic. “Each token is proven to be scarce, non-interchangeable, and authentic,” he continues. “Once the physical asset is redeemed from the vault, the token is burned.”

The only one lucky collector will be honored with such a privilege to own the exclusives nobody else will ever possess. Perhaps, it's you?

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