Super Soldiers

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November 09, 2022 – November 16, 2022


Magic Eden



WL Mint price: 1.5 SOL

A relentless force of 10,000 3D Super Soldiers fighting gas fees on the Solana blockchain. With the Ethereum Network reigning on members of the Metaverse, many are being corrupted with absurd gas fees. A group of brave warriors: the Super Soldiers have banded together to bring these gas fees to an end. Pick up your very own Super Soldier and help them prevail!

Shooter game franchises have been a massive part of our lives growing up for many of the team members. With the recent surge of excitement surrounding the NFT world we thought we had to get involved and share a piece of our story. To our surprise we found a lack of soldier style characters being represented in the space and so we thought long and hard to put together our proud creation - the Super Soldiers NFT Collection.

In this project we wanted to bring back the feeling we all know and love - collecting rare and cool looking skins for your in game character. Whether that's accessories like camouflage gear or gold weapon skins, we wanted to make a collection all about it!

As for our long term goals / Roadmap, the first stage, will be deploying our 'Super Crates'. The Super Soldiers Team will be releasing mysterious Super Crates containing a random item. Inside you will find brand new weapons and gun skins. Holders will be distributed a free Super Crate each post mint.

Super Soldier Weapon Customisation:

The contents of Super Crates will be applicable to be combined with each existing Super Soldier NFT. This means we will be implementing a function on our website to allow holders to swap out their original weapon with a brand new one they unboxed from a Super Crate. This will be deployed post mint.

Second Collection Mint:

The Super Soldiers Team will be producing our second collection which will be announced and made available for the community to mint down the road.


A small portion of Super Soldiers 3D NFT collection will be airdropped to the team wallet. This will act as the project treasury and will be used in future development of the project. NFTs in the treasury will be used to collaborate with other projects to develop and expand our brand. Not to mention we will be giving back to the community too, expect plenty of giveaways. 200 (2%)


Throughout the secondary market transaction royalties will be set to 5%. This means every sale that occurs 5% of the sale will be distributed to the Super Soldiers treasury. Treasury funds will continuously be reinvested into further development of the project.


The Super Soldiers Team will design and source Super Soldiers apparel for the community to order. We will be discussing what designs our community likes and supply apparel accordingly to demand from our members.

Meet ups:

Who else do we want to see more than the people that makes everything possible - the Super Soldiers community! We plan to have IRL meetups and charity events with our team and community. A few lucky troops may be flown out to come see us too.

PFP tool:

Post reveal of our Super Soldiers 3D NFTs we will implement a profile picture tool on our website. This will allow for holders to download high quality images of their Super Soldier 3D NFT and portrait format images too. Holders have complete rights to the images of the NFT they own meaning they can use it for whatever purpose they please, including but not limited to profile pics, canvas prints and branding.


A gallery will be implemented on our website post reveal of the Super Soldiers 3D NFTs. In the gallery you will be able to view all the soldiers, their traits and rarity. Our project will also get listed on rarity sites.

Fan art:

We love seeing the community’s produce their own artworks based on our project. All pieces big or small are greatly appreciated by our team. Expect fan art competitions in the future with prizes to be won.


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