Sovereign Degens

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October 28, 2021 – October 31, 2021



Sovereign Degens is an on-chain adventure to keep you busy through crypto winter. Not quite sure whether we're in a simulation, Sovereign Degens crafts a world navigating self-sovereignty. Lost your keys recently? Join us!

The adventure starts with getting your Sovereign Degens and affirming your membership. Over the coming weeks, you will uncover plots, community-driven story arcs, and airdrop challenges. The story arc will play out in a quest format and take you around the world, where you will advance as you solve quests, navigating multiple realms.

Are we in a simulation? Let's find out.

Benefits include:

✅ Play-To-Earn Challenges
✅ DAO Membership
✅ Incoming $SOVEREIGN token
✅ $190K in Milestone Giveaways

Key Dates

28th Oct @ 5PM EST
Manifesto Event
A limited presale for our first 888 Genesis NFTs (Manifesto Event)

Those who successfully mint their NFTs at this event will be able to so at 0.04ETH. The event will take place at 28 Oct @ 5PM EST, and end upon the minting of the 888th NFTs. Whitelisting is required.

In a nutshell, if you mint a Sovereign Degen during the Manifesto Event, you’ll receive the following:

→ 0.04 ETH Early Supporter Mint Price
→ 2× Increased Chance for Raffle Events
→ Sovereign Degens Genesis NFT
→ Proof of Boating Accident NFT (and printable poster)

1st Nov @ 5PM EST
Discord Private Presale
An uncapped presale only for our whitelisted Discord community

The event date will happen on 1st Nov @ 5PM EST. Whitelisted community members able to mint each NFT at 0.06ETH during the event. Minting will be open until max supply of 10,000 is reached. Whitelisting is required

5th Nov @ 5PM EST
Public Main Drop

Public will be invited to mint for a Genesis NFT at 0.08ETH. Even at 0.08ETH, it is still tremendous value for the content and play-to-earn challenges, and DAO membership. Minting will be open until max supply of 10,000 is reached.

How do I get whitelisted?

Join our Discord and visit the #whitelisting-info channel for instructions.

Where To Find Us
For more information about our project, you can find us at:


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