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June 30, 2022 – July 07, 2022





Soulda is a Social Club that uses personality art NFT to reflect anonymous personalities.

The team's goal is to create the largest core portal in the anonymous Web3 world, so that everyone can show their personalities and attitudes without worry, and eventually create a more realistic personal profile avatar for Web3 and unlock diverse applications.

It all starts with Soulda.

Soulda will absorb your personality, attitude, and ideas, and slowly grow into your Web3 avatar. The Soulda Social Club is the first point of growth in the Souldaverse to open. The purpose of the club is to promote precise and attitude-oriented soul activities. In addition to online, offline Soulda Fountain parties are also held regularly, and in the future, there may be physical Soulda Clubs waiting for Souldas to arrive in different areas.

In the future, more growth points of the soda universe will open up, even across different universe projects, with activities and air drops of different attributes.

In the end, your Souldaverse pass will be fused into a soda avatar with your real attitude and thoughts, spanning from movies, bands, games, to more diverse applications in the Web3 world.

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