Shrub Paper Gardens

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June 25, 2022 – June 25, 2022



Shrub Paper Gardens is the first on-chain dynamic growth NFT.

Paper Gardens is an interactive project with on-chain metadata from the team at Shrub Finance. Paper Gardens uses a mechanism that is brand-new in the NFT space. Through the Paper Gardens experience, users will acquire a seed and a pot, plant the seed in the pot, take care of it with water and fertilizer, and grow it into a Shrub.

In addition to this, the Shrub team has invented a new distribution mechanism - NFT Tickets to facilitate a presale of the NFTs. This represents the next generation of NFT drop and will be used by other projects in the future.

This is the genesis NFT of Shrub Finance. Shrub has an ambitious DeFi roadmap, including products such as Shrub Exchange (where you can purchase MATIC today), Shrub Swap, and Shrub Options. The Shrub NFT will grant holders special status in the Shrub ecosystem, access to future drops, special airdrops, and early access to new products.

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