Shadowfied Cool

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March 10, 2022 – March 17, 2022





Shadowfied Cool (Scool) is a Ccollection 10,000 unique Cats that have been taken over by the shattered souls of the Shadow Verse now living on the Polygon blockchain.

The earlier you mint into the project the cheaper the cost!

0-2500 = 1 MATIC 
2501-5000 = 5 MATIC 
5001-7500 = 7.5 MATIC 
7501-10,000 = 10 MATIC 

The Shadow Verse project is a series of collections that are converted to a shadowed, black & white version of the original NFT. We are advocates in wanting to grow the NFT space on the Polygon network which is why we wanted new and existing NFT collectors the opportunity to own a variety of blue-chip collections.

Shadow Verse NFT is in no way affiliated with the original collection: Cool Cats.

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