SCC Bit Shrooms

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April 21, 2022 – April 28, 2022



The Shroom Country Club is the greatest membership club to come to the Solana blockchain. 

Not only do members get awesome Shrooms to do anything they want with (free commercial and personal use), but members also get exclusive members benefits such as.

Staking Bit Shrooms for $FUNGI

Early access to SCC created video games

Competing in the Summer 2022 SCC Virtual Mini Golf tournaments

Most importantly, members of the SCC get to vote on charities the SCC will donate large sums of money too (over $300,000 on total). 

When you buy a Bit Shroom, you don't just get an awesome piece of art. You have the chance to join an exclusive NFT club which has aspirations to change OUR world. 

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