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April 12, 2024 – April 19, 2024







5555 Sack-Heroes Eth NFT's are waiting to be brought to life by you. Approximately 200 traits, hand-drawn with great attention to detail, will provide a huge variety and diversity. But the Sack Heroes are about much more than "just" the picture, the matter is much more serious... It's about everything!! It's about good versus evil, it's about whether the pests manage to take over our cities. There will be epic battles between good and evil, where the loser will go home beaten and the winner will celebrate himself and his reward.

The first generation of Sack-Heroes, whose minting is imminent, will be the key to the S-H Ecosystem we are already working on. The S-H Ecosystem will offer a variety of options for owners of the first-generation S-H. Our focus is on rewarding loyal owners and collectors of the S-H and building a community that benefits from keeping and collecting the S-H. Get ready for everything to change. Be smart become a hero, a Sack-Hero!

Tags: #art

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