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July 22, 2022 – July 29, 2022



At ROYGBIV_NFT we are pioneering a movement to bring NFTs to the forefront of the public eye. Our mission is fueled by our collection of 10,000 joyful minimalist rainbow artworks accessible to all...

The artwork itself celebrates the positivity and purity of colours which constitute natures most symbolic natural phenomena - the rainbow. Our work aims to generate intrigue and conversation within both online and real world communities to break down barriers of entry to the NFT space.

In the lead up to our mint dates - we will be offering exciting pre-mint giveaways and IRL competitions the communities can engage with!

Certain designs within our collection hold special utility which will be revealed post mint - will you be lucky enough to mint one of these special designs?

At ROYGBIV_NFT we also care about giving back both socially and environmentally - so we will be donating to worthwhile charities and carbon offsetting the impact of our project post mint. We also have a free "New to Crypto" learning resource on our website for newcomers to the space to learn about the hottest topics!

We are attending the Global NFT Summit London 2022 - we will share a livestream, pictures, videos and useful insights we gain from this event on our socials and discord – lets grow in the NFT space together!

Be a part of our movement - NFTs, Cryptocurrency and the Metaverse IS the future - we intend to be a part of it, do you?!

Whitelist Mint Date: Thursday 21st July 2022 @ 7AM BST / 2AM EDT / 8AM CEST @ 0.04 ETH

Public Mint Date: Friday 22nd July 2022 @ 7AM BST / 2AM EDT / 8AM CEST @ 0.05 ETH

To find out more details about our project, our NFT utility, roadmap and free resources, check out our website :) Follow us on Twitter to get involved with giveaways and competitions. Thanks!

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