Rowdy Knights Club

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December 17, 2022 – December 24, 2022


Magic Eden



Rowdy Knights Club is the #1 self-development community & mint day is December 17TH 2022. Whitelist price is 2 SOL and public price is 4 SOL and they will be minting 4000 Knights for the first round. Their art is already done and generated. 

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To receive a Free mint, reach level 10 with Arcane on the Rowdy Knights Club Discord.

Summary of Rowdy Knights Club

The utility is a website/app for creators to make money and it’s written in house by

The discord server has different money making opportunities in the web3 world such as alpha calling, web3 job postings that you can apply to from their server, channels streaming the price movement of trending NFTs, stocks and cryptos, sports betting, Amazon flips etc.

A team of coders continuously developing more discord bots, web3 websites, and apps based on suggestions of the Rowdy Knights Club(RKC) community. For example the current alpha, stocks and forex calls come from a bot they made and is sourced by real life alpha callers.

DAO technologies such as polls and forums to make business decisions for the RKC community

The ROADMAP can be found on their webpage: 

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