Roving Dogs NFT

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May 12, 2022 – May 19, 2022



The Roving Dogs is humanities first step toward redemption from global consumerism that treacherously damaged the once perfect balance in our ecosystem due to extensive usage of natural resources and heavy pollution.

It’s the attempt to save our reality irreversibly doomed moving to a new sustainable digital dimension.

To free our beloved earth from insane and unnecessary consumption of natural resources relentlessly being harvested leaving her short of breath.

Move our sight elsewhere, and proudly, take action to fulfill our mission.

Digitalizing the communities desired consumer goods, starting off with our most loyal partner, because in an apocalyptic future there will be no survivor without its dog

A non-degenerative consumerism that will be leverage for new wealth in another dimension.

We are The Rovings, the wanderers that chose to save the world, giving it more space whilst we conquer a new one without geographical limits…Are you with us?

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