Rich Raccoon Club

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February 05, 2022 – February 12, 2022


Magic Eden



2,500 Rich Raccoons are about to be let loose on the Solana Blockchain. Rich Raccoon Club is a community-driven NFT project.

Holding a Rich Raccoon allows you to participate in coordinating the RRC Roadmap. Holders can vote for experiences, activations and campaigns that benefit the RRC holders.

The road map for Rich Raccoon Club is collaborative and will be decided by RRC holders. With adequate resources, imaginative ideas and coordination, we believe we can bring The Rich Raccoon Club to every area of popular culture!

We will give away $100K to one lucky Rich Raccoon Club holder

100% royalties. Minters of the RRC Project will receive 15% of all royalties collected for the lifetime of the project: holders or not. The other 85% will go to the holders.

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