Real Fake Door NFTs (Pre-Sale Oct 8)

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October 08, 2021 – October 15, 2021



Hi! Real Fake Door salesman here! 

Are you tired of real doors? The ones that open to another room or outside?

Well, come on down to the Real Fake Door Store! We will have 7,777 real fake doors minted on October 8! ALL on SALE for 0.02 ETH! 

But wait! There's MORE! Every fake door holder will be airdropped ETH every week! 100% of secondary sales goes to real fake door holders!

That's not all! Every fake door holder will also be airdropped more NFTs that mutate their doors into more fake door NFTS!!!

Get whitelisted for the presale in the Discord! Follow us on Twitter and WIN FREE FAKE DOORS!

Tags: #art

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