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February 21, 2023 – February 28, 2023





“I’m driven by the urge to experiment and try to paint with everything not designed to be painted with and moving my medium around the canvas in novel ways. I like to work fast and capture as much energy as possible.” - Lee Ellis

This series of portraits by British painter Lee Ellis explores macabre, textural undertones juxtaposed against bright, colorful backgrounds and graphical elements. These traits are neatly compiled within a portrait, the vessel for Ellis’s experimentation, left abstract enough to give license to viewers to participate in the meaning-making process. 

Trusting and following the process while ignoring the temptation to work toward a specific outcome allows each piece to evolve organically toward an outcome that couldn’t be precisely predicted. 

The titles are purposefully vague and unrelated to the works themselves for this very reason — it allows you, the viewer, to interpret the piece how you choose without any direction from the artist. In this way, the pieces are left slightly unfinished, waiting for your eyes to do the rest of the work. 

All three (3) unique one-of-ones on auction have a corresponding physical 35x45cm mixed-media painting on canvas associated with them.

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