Pride 2022 NFTs by Givenchy Beauty x Rewind Collective

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June 29, 2022 – July 06, 2022






To celebrate Pride Month and fund the Le MAG Jeunes association in Paris, Givenchy Beauty has joint efforts with Rewind Collective and Amar Singh Gallery for an exclusive NFT drop titled Pride 2022.

The sale is going to happen on June 29th, exclusively on VeVe for iOS and Android. The initiative is aimed to honor LGBTQIA+ rights worldwide. The Pride 2022 by Givenchy perfectly reflects the brand's approach, according to which "disruptive creativity and innovation always go hand in hand with values of respect and inclusion."

The Pride 2022 NFTs are split into three designs that boast different rarity tiers and have their own history of creation. The first NFT series, dubbed Flag, was inspired by the legendary rainbow flag, which is the key symbol of the LGBTQIA+ community. The colorful NFTs of Uncommon rarity with 1,978 editions in total will be sold at $50 each. The same quantity, rarity, and price concern the second artwork titled Heart, featuring a heart-shaped artwork painted in distinctive colors of the Rainbow Flag.

Finally, here comes the third NFT named PRIDE II, which is an artwork commissioned by Givenchy Beauty to celebrate the brand’s dedication to equality from its founding days until now. The animated token represents a portrait of two hugging people, symbolizing all those who have stood up for identity, inclusivity, and human rights. The PRIDE II NFT is of the Rare tier and comes with 1,989 editions at $100 per piece.

Celebrate Pride Month with Givenchy Beauty and show your support for the LGBTQIA+ by joining the drop!

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