Pit Bull Bushido

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May 01, 2023 – May 08, 2023



Pit Bull Bushido is a collection of 47 Samurai based on 7 "Virtues of Bushido." It is the first faction in our "Islands of Damaya" series! Those who collect all 47 Samurai will be mailed an IRL deck of character cards, based on these Samurai. We're developing the "Islands of Dâmaya" into an IRL card game and, eventually, a digital game as well! There are 47 copies of each Samurai, and the deck is shuffled. You'll have to mint then trade with others to try and complete your full set! We also have merch available, and will soon share sneak peeks of our next collections! Integrity, respect, heroic courage, honor, compassion, sincerity, and loyalty are all virtues we should live by!

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