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January 19, 2022 – January 26, 2022


Magic Eden



Road map 

 JAN 2022 - the mint  The Galactic Coop will release 3888 chickens for minting in 19 January 2022. 

 JAN 2022 - the sweep Happening 1 week after the mint, royalties collected from the sales will be used for a floor sweep. These chickens will be sent back to the galactic colosseum to fight in the upcoming Galactic Cup.

Q2 2022 - peck dao & treasury  The DAO will be formed and Peck Troopers will have a say on the upcoming galactic  cup. Royalties will go into the treasury which will be redistributed to Peck Troopers via The Galactic Cup.  

Q2 2022 - the galactic cup   The first round of the Galactic Cup begins. Peck Troopers will be able to enter the Galactic Temple and Colosseum. Games will be available in both single player and multiplayer options. 

 Q3/Q4 2022 - PECK TROOPLINGS   Peck Troopers will be able to breed their chickens to produce chicks. Royalties earned from chicks will be distributed to parent Peck Troopers.  2023 - stay tuned for more

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