Ozaru NFTs

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August 06, 2022 – August 13, 2022



Ŏzaru is a startup (edtech) that seeks to reduce the gap between the large number of vacancies in companies and few people with skills and abilities relationated to digital transformation. Ŏzaru NFTs is a collection of 2000 Solana NFTs, seeking to change the way we see a NFT project. As a holder you will get several benefits as events, IRL rewards, staking with real benefits and some other stuff that we you can will able to check in our discord The goal is for every Rönin (name we give to our students) to be guided on a development path to become a high-level professional in the digital field, also we want that all our holders can receive real rewards and benefits for having one of our NFTs for creating one of the best communities in the blockchain

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