Niji World Genesis

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January 29, 2023 – February 05, 2023





An NFT collection of furry girls created by @Artist3YeHe, A Community of fantasists, A World built from the bottom up.

Driven by AI and constantly improving lore, Niji builds a virtual community composed of furries (or humans), where everyone creates a parallel world about furry and learns AI tools.

Brand Family

This is a growing community and AI driven Metaverse - NeoFurriverse.

Niji is a new entire world in NeoFurriverse, released as an NFT collection of 898 female characters. All with animal features.


Niji characters have 10 types of DNA: Ape, Eagle, Rabbit, Cat, Wolf, Bear, Bull, Raccoon, Deer, and Owl. Each character has 1 of these DNAs and has corresponding animal characteristics.

Culture & Faction

Culture and Faction attributes will be generated with the perfection of the world setting, and then these attributes will be added to the NFTs.

World Pattern

The world of Niji is set after a tragic Star Wars. After the war, Niji is divided into three large areas: plains, deserts, ruins, which are controlled by different forces and have different natural environments, technologies, and cultures. There are often disputes and local wars among the three major forces and their respective forces. But the overall peace is maintained. Obviously, the war of extinction in history has left a profound lesson for people.

The world structure will be continuously refined and changed according to the main story line of the community. Such as the UBM (Underground Black Market) created by community members, and some named character sets have been added to the main line.

Niji NFTs


The total amount of Niji (or other NeoFurriverse projects) NFT is limited. For Niji, it is 898 supplies.

Holder Rights

  • Become official community members and have the right to participate in community activities.
  • To apply for fee authorization from the community treasury.
  • Possesses priority whitelist rights for subsequent collections.
  • To participate in the GA collabs.


World Builder

The world builder is directly selected by the core team in the early stage, and is selected by the collective vote of the world builder in the later stage. World builders are currently not graded, and there is no upper limit on the number of them.


  • A dreamer who likes to create (AI drawing or expanding Niji world settings), and is willing to export works in the community.
  • Niji series NFT holders.


  • Submit macro settings and onlooker stories that can be merged into the main line of Niji. The six major themes of scenes, events, characters, items, concepts, and technologies merged into the Niji main line can be cast into NFTs and entered into the Niji main line NFT collection. (The main line collection is under the control of the community core, not considered for sale)
  • Nominate new world builders.
  • Participate in voting on project and community decisions. For example, opening a new collection, using community treasury funds, etc.

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