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August 14, 2022 – August 21, 2022





(NFT Utility)

“WeedLand Club will be the leading EE. UU cannabis legal dispensaries company backed up blockchain technology."

SALE STATUS: PRESALE     PRESALE PRICE: 0.15 ETH                                                 

We know the potential and the need of NFT community for this reason we'll bring a rich mix utilities and benefits for NFT holders, such as:

- NFT Staking: As a WeedLand Club member you will receive 7 WEEDCOINs dailies until 2027.

- WeedCoin Farming: YIELD up to 170% (APY By NFT Phase).

- Discounts: WeedLand Club membership holders will get deals, specials, promotions, coupons, discounts up to 60% on merchandise (Discounts According to Membership Class). 

- Exclusive Access: Not only will you belong to a great community by being a member of WeedLand Club you will also receive exclusive access to online merchandise, access to private club dispensaries, invitations to events and festivals.

- Vote & Participate: NFT holders will jointly participate the future of this project and all the subsequences post-launch project and partnerships.

- Rewards: At its core, our community is important for this reason we develop a rewards program involves members performing an activity, earn points for completing that activity, and then after a certain number of points are earned, they can be cashed in for a reward. Examples of earning actions: loyalty, vote and participate, lotteries by NFT attributes, etc.

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