NFL Highlights

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April 20, 2022 – April 27, 2022


Magic Eden



We make nfts out of all time highlights like tackles, ankle breakers and cathces. We do this because one of our admins has cancer and he really enjoys nfl so we wanted to do this to support him so its not only money its like a charety. We have alot to work on and we need the communaty to help us with it because we are based on our communatys intrests 

Road map here:

Phase 1 Assemble team Launch Twitter Launch private discord, invite select DAOs for OG entry Phase 2 Open discord to public Drop date & time of launch Collabs and WL giveaways Phase 3 WL Mint and Public Mint Release rarity ranking Launch the DAO List on sol radar analytics Phase 4 30% of royalties to DAO 25% of royalties to our deflationary system Launch our second collection Phase 5 Exclusive merch drop Strain of the month (exclusive to holders) Partnered token airdrops


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