Car-Au Culture

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February 13, 2022 – February 20, 2022





A private collection of 500 pixel art Car-Au living in Polygon

Inspired by people involved in the activity that we will benefit (50% of the sales of the first 100 ntfs will go to the activity MORE THAN A GIFT in Barquisimeto, Lara, Venezuela)

Note: the characters were created to immortalize the wonderful people who bring this cause to life.

Let's build a great community


Each level will have different prices to guarantee the profit and the investor's floor.

Prices: 1-9 =0.005 We will affectionately call these Car-Au Genesis.

Prices: 10-30=0.007

The price will increase every 30 Car-Au sold.

10 Car-Au will be given away for every 90 sales and will be distributed as follows:

‌raffle of 8 Car-Au for all holders (the more Car-Au you have, the greater chance of winning you will have)

‌2 Car-Au draw for Car-Au holders with the highest purity level based on attributes. (Car-Au Genesis owners do not participate)

Car-Au 450-500 will be auctioned

Car-Au holders will get 1 Free NFT for Season 2


02/10/2022: Car-Au Genesis sale (only 9 NFT)

‌02/20/2022: Finish creating the Car-Au culture collection.

02/22/2022: Start Marketing and giveaways social networks, Discord.

‌03/10/2022: Car-Au Cultura begins minting at opensea.

it's my start in the crypto art world see the art of cryptopunk and bored ape motivate me

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