Mogugu: A Kingdom Beneath

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October 22, 2021 – October 29, 2021



Mogugu is an adventure-style metaverse where 10k unique mushrooms live and battle on the
Ethereum Network. There are three categories of mushrooms: commoners, adventurers, and
villains. Each mushroom picks its own traits from over 250+ clothing, tools, weapons, and
magical items as symbols of their roles in the Mogugu-verse (e.g. food producers, wanderers,
warlords, etc). Commoners are always in danger of being oppressed and exploited by villains
(Oh no!!). Join the adventurers to save their peers (commoners) from the villains!

Bringing together our love for mushrooms, our team not only hopes to spread this passion but
also to raise awareness of the utility of mushrooms in our everyday lives. We want to highlight
how mushrooms can be at the forefront to combat climate change which is beginning to have an
adverse impact on our lives. We aim to work closely with environmental groups and
organizations which are doing extensive research on using fungi and their associated regenerative
agricultural practices to capture carbon dioxide from the atmosphere into the soil.

Be sure to follow our Twitter and discord for updates on events and giveaways!

Tags: #art

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