Mint for Ukraine One Million NFTs

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May 02, 2022 – May 09, 2022



Even though almost the whole world is standing now with Ukraine against the terror of the Kremlin, the full-scale war keeps raging on all of the country's territory. Russian dictatorship with fascistic acclaim towards other Slavic peoples has been hovering over Ukraine for centuries. Russians have always wanted to eradicate Ukrainian culture, language, and identity.

For over two months now, Putin's criminals have been killing innocent civilians and destroying Ukrainian hospitals, churches, museums, and entire towns. Brave Ukrainian warriors are doing their best to fight the merciless enemy and urgently need the support of the world community.

To raise funds for humanitarian initiatives, as well as support the heroes from the Armed Forces, the creative community of Ukraine has come up with the first-ever Ukrainian AI-backed NFT collection named Mint for Ukraine.

Thus, a visionary artist Phil Bosua teamed up with artificial intelligence to create a 1 million artsy NFT collection, reflecting Ukrainian culture and values. The #MintForUkraine large NFT collection will be operated on the Polygon blockchain, which allows it to be free to mint.

"We’re issuing a global challenge to mint all million of these pieces onto the blockchain, creating an immutable monument to the Ukrainian people and the power of technology to create peace – and to raise funds for humanitarian relief on the ground in Ukraine through the Kyiv School of Economics Charitable Foundation," Phil Bosua commented on the Mint for Ukraine NFTs.

The sacral images breathing with Ukrainian authenticity are intertwined with images of cyborgs, somewhat reminiscent of Transformers.

#MintForUkraine is a global challenge to create the largest art collection in history by building a monument on blockchain of one million unique AI-generated art works,” the representatives of the Kyiv School of Economics engaged in the production process said.

For now, there are only a few final details left to be added and the largest-ever NFT collection to aid Ukraine will be available for minting. Mint for Ukraine, because you can!

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