METAPHOENIX by Frank Wilder x Wilder World

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June 01, 2021 – June 02, 2021





On June 1st, ‘METAPHOENIX’ NFT Collection by immersive 3D Universe Wilder World led by the Banksy of the Blockchain Frank Wilder and the Wilder Guild drops on MakersPlace.

Being a multilayered immersive 3D Metaverse, Wilder World enables multi-leveled, photorealistic, and mixed reality worlds. In this Metaverse, Wilders can roam freely, acquiring virtual land and expressing themselves through decorative assets, unique avatars, and accessories.

‘Metaphoenix’ is an international artist collective that is building The Metaphoenix. This is a fire-shooting steel phoenix sculpture car (50 foot-long, 19 foot-high) that is a mobile platform for sound and creativity.

The upcoming drop on MakersPlace features a towering mutant vehicle that is setting course for Black Rock City, Nevada 2022, where the Burning Man festival takes place.

“Before the 50ft fiery metal beast can reach its ultimate destination in the dust, it must transcend time and space, meet up with Frank and the Wilders in the Metaverse and continue its voyage, collecting artists, dreamers, and co-conspirators along the way” – says the description of the drop.

This NFT project is made thanks to the collaborative effort of such artists as Kevin Bracken, Marie Poliak, Chris Bowman, Travis Johnson, and Phoenix Wilder.

The proceeds from this drop will go to the creation of the real Metaphoenix which will make its debut at Burning Man in 2022.

Something incredible is coming to the NFT Universe! Add the drop to your calendars not to miss when it goes live!

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