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October 02, 2022 – October 08, 2022



<apply for wls>
This is a massive nft brand coming out from seoul since we also teach web3 to executives, 200+ business executives, startups are behind us. One by one, we are collaborating with them.     Requirements: rt of meta axel twitter's twit tag 3 people wl form: https://form.Jotform.Com/221965247305053 discord: https://discord.Gg/d6yy96ngjp homepage: www.Metaaxel.Online twitter: twitter.Com/nxdf16   minting 2pm utc, 10/1 
Twitter space ama 2pm utc, 9/29, 9/30 (for eng)

Our pfp nft name is burnt pink squad - kpop idol trainees in the dystopia ruled by the conscious ai 

What is meta-axel?

Meta-axel is the web3 brand built by the community of artists, nerds and misfits      

Many collaborations are happening including with a major launchpad, renowned fashion brands, bakery brands, etc.
 World's first pfp m2e project - sing, dance, walk to earn
 Higher rarity, higher levels and more nfts will unlock more m2e time  adventure & social network metaverse is being developed for the future roadmap

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