Mental Health Matters

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July 20, 2022 – July 27, 2022



"Mental Health Matters" 10,000 Collection is launched with the intent to unite individuals that have been dealing with mental health issues. We aim to achieve de-stigmatization by sharing our stories and conveying the message to the entire world that there are many others out there suffering on their own and are more often than not, too afraid to admit it or even share it with their loved ones.  We truly understand the massive drawdowns of mental health issues and why it can be such a difficult ordeal to recover from. Our entire team has been through our own nightmares and improved our situations by sharing and uniting together with like-minded individuals. We strongly believe and hope that by showing our vulnerable sides, you too can be brave enough to take a leap of faith and join us on this journey.

Supply: 10,000 limited edition pieces

Unique Traits Used: 50 ++ hand-drawn by in-house designer

Stored as: ERC 721 Token on Ethereum blockchain

Purpose: To portray how different external forces in the world has created strong negativity in humans’ minds

Community: Our community is highly inclusive and provides integrative solutions. Some examples are music therapy, community-driven counselling sessions and we are even planning to partner with telemedicine expert psychiatrist to help with people facing mental health ordeals.

Mental Health: This portion of health is largely overlooked and stigmatized in our modern-day society. Through digitalization, we hope that we would be able to achieve de-stigmatization and increase outreach to help and assist people in our community

Donation/Contributing back to the global society: Our team here at MHM will be donating to various global charities focusing on Mental Health. These charities will be selected with our discord community. Through these donations, we hope that we would be able to provide the necessary healthcare services to the mentally distressed people.

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