Godji Game: Avatars

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April 18, 2022 – April 25, 2022





The Godji Game Avatars is a collection of 10000 unique avatars on Polygon blockchain for the upcoming play-to-earn "Godji Game". The protagonist of Godji game is a survivor in the cruel and hostile world of future Earth that lives in the mid-22nd century. Your aim is to craft tools and augmentations in order to fight the AI enemies. Art of this limited collection has been created by famous modern street artist Rustam QBic and aside of its value as art itself will give bunch of early access preferences along with the DAO and Discord memberships.

Token holders will receive the following benefits:

1. Access to private chat rooms;

2. Access to Godji Game test version (there will be rewards when you finish the test);

3. Chance to get in the White List on any future sale;

4. DAO membership;

5. Retrospective GGT tokens drop;

6. A raffle from our partners.

Stay tuned for more news. Stay in the game!

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