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March 31, 2023 – April 07, 2023





Check out my music Edicion de Oro (evo) is a collection of NFT art under Core Blockchain. In the CoreDao.org ecosystem supported by Miidas.org, following the line of the first collection, now it goes one step further. Gold was highly appreciated by the Mexicas for making jewelry for the exclusive use of the ruler and the nobility, as well as for decorating the images of certain gods. They considered it to be a material of divine origin, as indicated by its Nahuatl name, coztic teocuitlatl, which literally means "divine yellow-colored excrement." Due to its color and brightness, it functioned as a sacred symbol linked to the Sun and fire. For all lovers of music, art and good lyrics, since the description of each of our tokens is as unique as each one of them. Music shapes our way of thinking, incinerates memories. Our NFT Collection brings the audible magic of our everyday lives into refreshingly stylish displays of musical instruments. Created from shared ideas, they reach the NFT metaverse to start a unique and evolving line of tokens. At the end of the name the phrase (evo) means that each collection that carries this phrase will have later events. which will be in the section

#events of our discord channel. Getting one of these NFTs will give you a ticket to the upcoming events. It's your time to get pure and unique art accompanied by preticks for upcoming events. "Don't wait for the right moment, make this moment the right one"
happy shopping.

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