LGBT: Hyakki Yakou Presale

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June 25, 2022 – July 02, 2022



We created 10,000 cute rainbow-colored collectible yokais on the Ethereum blockchain. Each yokai is adorable and varies in species and traits. None of them is identical to another, just like none of us is the same in the world.

Follow our pinned Twitter to get the first 100 free mint chance! After the spots are full, public sale will be opened, each yokai costs 0.05 for the public sale.

Joining Hyakki Yakou not only means joining our community. More importantly, it is an opportunity to find a group of amazing friends who really understand you and care about you. We help you because LGBTQIAs help LGBTQIAs. One day, we can hold the grandest Pride Parade together on the blockchain regardless of your race, nationality and which NFT community you belong to.


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