Lazer Boomerang - Interstellar

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March 23, 2023 – March 30, 2023



The independent music label Livana Music drops their very first NFT with the synth wave producer and artist Lazer Boomerang. The yet unreleased track "Interstellar" will be available on music NFT platform Pianity, including some nice perks.

Lazer says:
"Hey there! This is my very first NFT! And it is something exclusively for you: my fans! This song has not been released and it is a very special song to me. The vast emptiness and size of space excites and fascinates me. I wanted to write a song about traveling through time and space, that is soothing and emotional. 

Be part of the experience, be part of our adventure and get this NFT! Thank you for all your love and support. Always!"

The NFT includes:

  • an unreleased synth wave track by Lazer Boomerang
  • Official artwork of the song
  • Official Press Picture by Lazer Boomerang
  • Wallpaper for phone & laptop (by Lazer Boomerang)
  • a secret link for a 30 minutes livestream on YouTube (in April)

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