Hennessy Paradis Golden Edition NFT Cognac

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September 23, 2022 – September 25, 2022




The globally renowned cognac producer, Hennessy, is set to drop the Hennessy Paradis Golden Edition, a limited-edition series featuring a golden decanter paired with exclusive NFT artwork.

The invaluable batch of only 500 Hennessy Paradis Golden Edition bottles is going live on September 23rd, exclusively via the leading NFT marketplace for luxury wines and spirits, BlockBar. The physical cognac is an unsurpassed blend of 100 Hennessy's most prized spirits. 

Each of 500 70cl decanters comes paired with an artsy 3D motioned NFT called Golden Hour Artwork, created by Veneda Carter, a celeb stylist and jewelry designer known for working with gold. Not only does the NFT deliver aesthetic pleasure, but it also comes as an authenticity certificate of ownership of the Hennessy Paradis Golden Edition.

Each NFT paired with a physical bottle of the finest cognac is going live at $2,500. Moreover, this drop is only the first one of two releases, concerning Hennessy Paradis Golden Edition. The second drop of even more precious 100 Magnum bottles (150cl), priced at $6,000 each will go on sale in December. What's more, holders of the 70cl NFT bottles will get early access to the magnum bottles.

“We are delighted Hennessy has chosen to partner with BlockBar yet again to release Hennessy Paradis Golden Edition exclusively. BlockBar is at the forefront of phygital gifting this holiday season. We’re excited to offer our community this unique offering combining an exclusive artwork by Veneda Carter with personalized gift messages and an investable asset-backed NFT of Hennessy Paradis Golden Edition,”  Dov Falic, CEO and co-founder of BlockBar, comments on the Hennesy drop.

Thanks to BlockBar's exclusive technology, your NFT will be easily redeemed for a physical counterpart, to be shipped to you discretely following the fragile loads' transportation standards anywhere on the globe.

Participate in the Hennessy Paradis Golden Edition once you are a refined cognac spirits collector, or purchase one as a valuable gift to someone special.

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