Heavenland Alphas

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June 24, 2022 – July 01, 2022


Magic Eden



Where there is life there is tribe. No Metaverse could exist without Avatars and Heavenland is not an exception. In the world of Heavenland our Avatars are unique, special, bring joy and utility to holders and also work as a PFP collection that would shine on your Twitter profile.

Meet Alphas

Heavenland Alphas is a PFP collection that consists of unique humanoid Avatars that will bring several utilities to its owners not only into the Heavenland Metaverse but also outside of the virtual world.

Unlike a classic PFP collection that has no true utility besides putting the NFT on your own social media profile, Heavenland Alphas will enable its owners to:

  • Use the Alpha in the Heavenland Metaverse
  • Get special visibility in the Metaverse
  • Get verified PFP NFT on a social media profile (for available countries only)
  • Own a valuable asset in Heavenland with limited supply
  • Receive breedable attributes for breeding

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