GODZILLA vs KONG by Bosslogic

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March 31, 2021 – March 31, 2021






On the 31st of March, one of the most prolific artists in the NFT space, Bosslogic is releasing his collection of artworks ‘Godzilla vs Kong’ to celebrate the release of the fourth film in Legendary's MonsterVerse.

Bosslogic often collaborates with studios to create movie posters and other materials to present the film to the public in the best light. He has become famous for drawing movie characters in his own style and posting the pics on Instagram. This attracted the attention of Marvel, Disney and now, HBO Max.

The movie ‘Godzilla vs Kong’ is releasing in theatres and on HBO Max on the 31st of March as well as the NFT collection of the same name on MakersPlace. The collection is curated by IV Gallery.

“The epic clash between the two titans instigated by unseen forces is only the beginning of the mystery that lies deep within the core of the Earth!”

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