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July 25, 2022 – August 01, 2022





The Godfatherx collection is on ERC-721 and will grow on Web3 with you. Limited to 10,000 pcs only, welcome to Godfatherx.

Holding a GodfartherX NFT makes you a member of a world of creators, innovators, thinkers, adventures, dreamers, visionaries, producers, artists - who are building the future of web3.

we're just spreading the word about NFT exclusive for newcomers to Godfatherx as a great option. 

We are building a community on Discord. People who are just starting out have space to talk, study, learn and grow together on Web 3.

Our collections will be created through the ERC-721 chain, this NFT will stay with you forever, 10% of royalties will go back to our community such as events,

including burning. Everyone has the right to express their opinions. joint decision-making in operations. And now there's a big giveaway event on Discord, so let's get started.

Mint date : 25 July 2022 (11 PM UTC)

Price : 0.015 ETH




Tags: #art

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