Geobots NFTs Mint Date

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November 27, 2021 – December 01, 2021


Magic Eden


The Geobots are a limited collection of 10,000, lore-driven, visually stunning NFT's, inhabiting the Solana blockchain.    Created and designed over the course of many months, the Geobot artwork is superior to the usual generative standard, ensuring a happy mint, no matter the rarity.   With a huge emphasis on long-term community, and holder rewards, backed by the AMM, the Geobot collection aims to be the next blue chip NFT project, on the Solana network.    Benefits for holders of Geobot NFT's include; -Gift packs (between 2-12 yearly, depending on the rarity of the NFT) -Access to private launchpads  -Collectors clubs, and other rarity benefits -Access to high-yield pools, only available to holders of rare, or multiple Geobots   Upon launch, the Geobot DAO will be deployed, allowing for full community participation in our scheduled road-map, and further innovation on Solana

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