Egalitarian World

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October 05, 2023 – October 12, 2023



Egalitarian World WL Giveaway 

Egalitarian world is a simple yet distinctive collection of 10,000 shirtless men representing a diverse range of races from throughout the world, each wearing a necklace signifying the faith in which he genuinely believes.

Each NFT's unique combination of eyes, skin tone, hair, and necklace demonstrates how everyone can be anyone in their own special manner.

This is a new project that is envisioned to have multiple collections and airdrops in the future.

Limited WL spots introduced in the project in early April 2023 (NOW OPEN)!

For this raffle, we are giving out:
20x Egalitarian World WL Spots 

Our Collection  Egalitarian World 

Phase 1: Sell of 1K nfts (WL only)
Phase 2: Sell of 4K nfts (WL only, holders of Phase 1 nft are automatically whitelisted)
Phase 3: Public sale of 5k nfts

Join the Egalitarian World Collection today and make a change for humanity in the metaverse!

phase 1, phase 2 and 3 will be update base on floor price(phase 1 holders will be automatically whitelisted for phase 2, phase 1 and 2 holders will be automatically whitelisted for phase 3). Each phase wl winner will be announced in a suitable timeframe. Each phase wl price will be updated accordingly.

How to claim the WL role:

  1. Join Discord
  2. Follow us on Twitter
  3. Submit your wallet address and proofs of follow in the dedicated channel.

Join our discord to explore the roadmap and utilities of each NFT. Together we can make a change from the metaverse.

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