DEVOLVE - Deflationary NFT Strategy Game Mint

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December 15, 2021 – December 15, 2021



DEVOLVE is an intriguing and multifaceted NFT strategy game built on the Ethereum network.

Due to its dynamic nature, strategies for success are difficult to devise and predict as the game is ultimately driven by community behaviour. Incorporating deflationary mechanics, desirable artwork, de-evolution, artwork modifications, royalty pools and community governance, DEVOLVE offers a rich, appealing and ultimately utility-driven NFT experience.

Holders start as 5,376 humans and race through 8 stages of de-evolution, supply halving at each stage, to reach their genesis form, consisting of just 42 ancestors.

Be the first to uncover the mystery of the past as you devolve your NFTs to uncover each stage of devolution, or play the dynamic rarity strategy as other holders choose to devolve to another stage or burn to release their entitlements. Difficult decisions lay ahead as you’re faced with a multitude of strategies on how to play the game… Do you devolve, govern, HODL, burn, flip or blaze your own path?

Dynamic rarity is caused by fluctuating (deflationary) supply at each stage of devolution and community governance plays a major factor as NFTs are devolved and burnt.

Who will be the first to reveal the genesis form? Can you uncover a winning strategy? Do you play solo or work with the community? Will the game ever truly be complete?

IF and WHEN the game is truly complete, only 42 NFTs will exist.

The game starts with the human mint event where users can mint randomly generated 1-of-1 NFT artwork inspired by 90s pop culture with a modern spin.  

Each level uncovers a new unique collection of NFT artwork taking inspiration from the various stages of human evolution.

Wednesday 15th December 2021, 
12pm (noon) UTC

Wednesday 15th December 2021,
8pm (20:00) UTC
*Subject to fair / normal gas prices at the time

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