Desert Island NFT

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May 17, 2022 – May 24, 2022






The Desert Island NFTs is a collection of 5010 unique zebroids generated from over than 140 layers that will be released in the middle of the May 2022 on Ethereum blockchain. The project aims to have a lot of interesting stuff including quests with prizes, merchandise shop and more! You can find our roadmap on the website:

Story of a project:
One day after the return of one zebroid, he said that they had found a land where everyone was fighting for treasure in the center of the planet. Everyone who went there with him did not come back.

After that, for many hundreds of years, the rumours' of Desert Island legend has been flying around on the whole planet, on which there is an indescribable treasure hidden somewhere in the center of the planet. The older generation has always been scared that there is no turning back from Desert Island.

But what is there? You will have to find out with your hero.

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