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May 16, 2022 – May 23, 2022





DAW World is the first series of comic books from a brand-new creative studio model that aims to flood the blockchain with its artwork (comics, illustration, manga, novels, artwork, NFT collection and more).
The 4444 unique blockchain-based wolves are a membership pass giving you access to our artwork for free in the DAW World collection, and discounted access to our entire future catalog. By purchasing wolves, you will also have access to our metaverse, to privileges including the possibility to launch your own art projects in partnership with us or with our financial, marketing and community support..
Our goal is to create a strong community where creativity, sharing, collaboration and opportunity are key. We want you to embark on the creation of a multiverse where our countless stories and artworks will stand alongside characters from other popular NFT collections.
To achieve this, we intend to purchase other NFTs from the best collections in order to feature their characters in our artwork, generate interest in our work from fans and the entire NFT ecosystem. We will model a rich and unexpected multiverse in which different NFT collections will meet through our artwork. To be successful, collaborating with the best NFT projects and artists will be crucial to attract more people and increase the value of our project.
Because the community is key for a successful project, you will receive exceptional benefits: each owner of an NFT from our collection will have the opportunity to submit his or her project, to vote and have a say in the decision making process, as well as to receive exclusive gifts and of course, access to our meta wolves reserve.
What is the date of mint?
The sale will start on May 17th
What is the price of the NFT?
The sale price will be 0,019ETH
In your story, we find wolves but there are dogs too, where are they?
We are keen to maintain a sense of mystery around the dogs but be assured the dogs are on their way! They are scheduled for this year as indicated in our roadmap, the war between dogs and wolves will soon be declared! Battle planned… in the metaverse!
Are you going to accomplish your roadmap?
Of course! We are passionate about what we do and believe in this model of community growth. Our roadmap is clear, exciting and fully achievable, we are not aiming to do everything but to do things well, even very well!
Can the roadmap evolve?
Yes, of course. We will not change any of our commitments but the NFT world is changing rapidly, so it is important to monitor the latest trends, to listen to the needs of our community and to stick to our goals.
What are your next artistic projects after DAW World?
DAW World will be a rich and exciting multiverse, we have several ideas for it but of course, and indeed, we have many other comics, manga, novel projects… that will be developed in parallel to DAW World. We have plenty of ideas and we can’t wait to start working on them.
Is the metaverse really important to your project?
It is crucial, we strongly believe that the metaverse will become one of the leading technologies of the near future and will be part of everyone’s life. We have the opportunity to create a unique ecosystem and bring our heroes to life in this infinite space thanks to you. We will definitely not miss this great opportunity!

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