I am Mozart Interactive Music NFT

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June 16, 2022 – June 23, 2022



Introducing the first completely interactive Music NFT collection from iamMozart

Each NFT is an original, 1/1 melody playing on a loop. The music has been made with inspiration from many contemporary and urban styles, with a classical touch

The *.cmposer/PAD "unit" allows you to not only enjoy the music, but PARTICIPATE.

Control - Speed up, slowdown and control the pitch of the melody, as well as 3 different FX filters

Visualizer - A realtime visual equalizer reacts to the audio live

9 Drum pads - Keyboard, mouse, and mobile device touch screen capable. Each drumpad will trigger a different drum sound. Play along with the melody and create your own drum pattern, LIVE!

RECORDING -  Record your performance and save it to your device in WebM format, where you can share anywhere online, use as a tiktok sound, ringtone, or even use as a your own PFP theme

CC - BY - Holders are granted full commercial copyrights. Use in anyway you want

Rare Units - While all units were made with care, a number of units will contain unique visual traits, as well as complex melodies

This is a completely non-generative, human-made collection. Envisioned, developed, coded and music produced solely by iamMozart, a digital music composer with 22 years of experience creating completely original music

For the first time in history, people can own and enjoy 1/1 music the same way other arts have been for centeries. 

Do not miss this chance to own a piece of original music, only a limited number of "units" (nfts) will be minted

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