Bubba the German Shepherd Dog

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December 01, 2022 – December 08, 2022



A comical and colourful collection of 10,000 randomly generated NFTs on the Polygon blockchain. Toothy, goofy and loveable, Bubbas are hanging out on the blockchain doing what German Shepherds do, having fun and getting into mischief!

1/1 and rarities.

30% of minting profits will go to animal rescue in Mexico. Animal neglect, homelessness and suffering is largely due to overpopulation. In Mexico the numbers are staggering (in the millions) and the constant message we have received is "we cannot rescue our way out of this.” Frequent and ongoing spay & neuter clinics are critical and therefore a large portion of our focus will be on organizations that also support, organize and/or host these services Throughout the country, 17 established rescues have already been selected. 

Save some furry lives, buy a Bubba! Only 35 MATIC.

In the future, these crazy Bubbas are going to create an NFT collection using a rare form of artwork medium beyond traditional methods. They are keeping it a secret right now but you will just have to trust us on this one. Each holder will be granted exclusive access to the presale of this very unique, new collection and 30% of the minting profits will again go to animal rescue.

Visit our website www.bubbathegermanshepherd.com for more details and join our community.

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