Breaking David

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February 16, 2023 – February 23, 2023



About Breaking David
Like Andy Warhol and it's POP Art which duplicated Infinite Merilyn, Today we drop the David by Michelangelo, the most renowned statue in the world, as digital art. Influenced by modern digital art trends it transforms into an irreverent collection.

The Materials, the style, it's accessories change, stroking all genre, which intertwine on a timeless empty background, procedurally generating eye-catching, stylish and sometimes amusing art.

Breaking David holders will be provided with all the necessary tools to have an edge in the NFT and Crypto Space, via Trust Signals, an advanced crypto trading signals platform and thru our Alpha channel, which will analyze and forward Alpha Calls from 5+ top tier Alpha channels aside from our own Alpha calls.

Tags: #art

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