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November 25, 2022 – December 02, 2022



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Your guide to Bulletproof Productions

Bulletproof Productions Beta Launch on Fantom Opera Testnet - FRIDAY 25TH NOVEMBER 2022.

Join our Beta Launch Event and win prizes while having fun on our platform. is live on the fantom testnet.

Free tokens

All winners will recieve free FTM tokens equal to the mint prize for one bulletproof audio nft when we launch on Fantom Mainnet. You can use your free FTM tokens for whatever you'd like.


Bug bounty:

Win free tokens for reporting bugs. Test! Test! Test! The way winners will be judged is by bug severity/ importance. If the same bug is submitted by multiple users the wallet adress that submitted the bug first will be awarded.

To sumbit a bug, go to feedback and write the problem you've faced. Make sure to write the cause and all else in the description.

All winners will be chosen by our judges and the winning wallet addresses will be announced on our Twitter page prior to our Mainnet launch. All rewards will be distributed during the first week of Mainnet launch.


Top 3 best audio nfts:  

Mint your BEST audio NFT! Do you think you could make it into the top 3 killer Audio NFTS? Upload and find out in this exciting competition where prizes are free tokens....

Top 3 ideas:

We want to hear all your ideas for the website. We are open to many things so don't hesitate to send in your suggestions. In feedback, select idea & start typing! ( You can also upload a photo if it's visual.) Our three favourite ideas will be chosen as the winners.

How do I participate? 

To be eligible for a free tokens when we go live on Fantom Oprea Mainnet you will need to mint at least one free Bulletproof Audio NFT. 

Setup your crypto wallet to connect to Fantom Testnet. You can easily add the Fantom Testnet to your wallet by connecting it at and searching for Fantom Testnet with the testnets toggle activated.

You will need some FTM ( Fantom Tokens) to mint. You can get free test FTM from the Fantom faucet here.

How long will the Beta last?

The beta site will be up for 2 weeks to allow ample time for users to participate. Depending on participation numbers, we may extend the duration by another 2 weeks. 

When will Bulletproof Productions go live on Fantom Mainnet?

We will go live 2 weeks after the beta launch has ended. This will give our developers time to cross their T's and dot their I's.




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