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January 20, 2022 – January 26, 2022



After Facebook rebrand to META and announced the arrival of the Metaverse, artists have successively entered to the metaverse and sold various NFTs on the largest NFT marketplace - OpenSea, which based on the Ethereum blockchain. Recently, Shaogao - famous illustrator in Taiwan, announced on his fan page that he has entered to the metaverse with his very first artwork “Shaogao - Hannya Warrior”, which have sold for a high price at 2ETH, this shows the potential of the NFT market.

Because of the high value of NFT and it is not affordable for everyone, causing people to have the mindset that it is difficult to enter to the metaverse. TRART - a NFT trading platform which collaborate with the Shaogao’s NFT said, it aims to develop and introduce more interesting NFTs in affordable prices, making it easier for everyone to enter to the metaverse.

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