APOC Alien w1.3

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January 31, 2023 – February 07, 2023







Alfa Proxima Offshore Club is launching it's mint wave 1.3.
To kick things off offshore style we’re hosting a giveaway to grant allowlist spots for free mints to 1300 lucky winners.

We at Alfa Proxima OC believe that in all things we do the community should be at the heart of our focus. In keeping with this motto we are allowing the first 1300 winners mint passes which will allow them 2 free mints + gas. Premint for winners start on the 28/01/23 and public mint on 31/01/23 at 0.06eth.

This allowlist and the total number of winners has been designed to keep the balance of voting power within Club governance. 

The AAVG (APOC Alien Vote Governance) is the first utility in a long line of others to come, it allows club members a voice in the making of policies, budgeting, and overall direction of the club and perks by way of tokens voting.

2% of all royalties goes to the Environment Impact Index Fund

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