Anti-Hitler Shitler Club

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April 30, 2022 – May 07, 2022





Editor note:
This project claims to raise money for providing financial aid to Ukraine which is now suffering from Russian aggression.
Please note that you are sending money to a third party whose further actions are out of our control. NFT Calendar can't guarantee that funds will be sent to the charitable organisations.
If you are willing to directly support Ukraine with crypto, we have created a list of funds you can donate to.

We decided to immortalize the demoralization of Adolf Shitler for all eternity on the Ethereum blockchain on April 30th (the day he killed himself). Even better is the immediate utility of positively impacting Ukrainians in their time of imperative need. 

Join us in our mission to raise over $1M+ to supporting refugees with a donation of 25% of mint funds and 50% of secondary sales to Core Response, a boots-on-the-ground effort to aid and support displaced Ukrainian refugees.

Price: 0.069 ETH
51% of Mint Donated to CORE Response
Collection display image
Time of mint: 4/30 Midnight: 12am UTC (7pm Central on 4/29)

By the designer of @sugarskullznft


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