AngelBlock NFTs

Drop's mint website was verified by its submitter in our Discord community
May 24, 2022 – May 31, 2022



AngelBlock NFTs are finally around the corner!

Total Supply: 6,900 

Mint Price: 0.069 ETH
Mint date is 24th of May

Full IP ownership of your token

If you own it, it’s yours. You can literally do anything you want with it as it becomes your intellectual property. Wanna make 1000 t-shirts and sell them online? Awesome! Go for it. There will be no limitations placed on these tokens. 

PFP on

AngelBlock NFT holders will be able to use their tokens as verified pfp avatars on our dapp 

NFT Staking for $THOL

NFT holders will be able to stake NFTs and get rewarded in $THOL.

For AngelBlock Investors

Bonuses for investors - higher limits, priority, access to exclusives

For AngelBlock Startups

Bonuses for startups - more raise options, access to AB support, community tools 

For AngelBlock Community Members

Bonuses for community - quests rewards multiplier, voting power multiplier in DAO, social rankings

Merch Drops that will be available only for verified NFT holders

Access to AngelBlock events & Hackathons

Some NFTs will allow you to get access to AngelBlock team members

In the future on

NFT Holder Phase of fundraising

A phase locked for only holders of AngelBlock NFTs - allocation locked for just this group will be especially important for high demand projects. If the demand for this phase does not meet supply, a re-allocation will occur to the public phase.

We plan on developing our NFTs parallel to what we’re building with and new features and utilities will be revealed in time as well as additionally developed in the near future. 

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