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October 02, 2022 – October 09, 2022



Fight for the future.

Many gaming projects have just entered the market and are vying for consumer attention by touting the newest features and technologies. Game makers have shown a lot of interest in NFTs. NFTs can provide players a variety of advantages. Typically, the only thing you can do in an online game is purchase goods for your character. When using NFTs, you can return your investment by selling the things after use.

Another initiative that offers novel NFT related experiences to users is AG. In addition to being a game, AG is an NFT art endeavor. The best way for users to make money on the market is to play AG or trade AG NFT. Let me briefly introduce AG to you.

The company's founder is Boom Lius. He was a former partner of a well-known blockchain exchange and an early investor in the GameFi and NFT projects.

experienced as a former employee of UNICORNPARK TECH CO., LTD., who invested in the blockchain project at the time.

Promoters and managers of a number of worldwide private equity funds.

He established the blockchain exchange, which has a significant user base and active trade activity.

Blockchain project financing firm: invested in a number of metaverse and GameFi projects. A single project's return on investment can reach 26800%.

The project focuses on socialfi games, with tower defense games as the first game mode. More diverse game modes will be promoted in the future, making games and socializing more entertaining and enjoyable. AG is a Gamefi+Socialfi+NFT project that is based on Media3 and the AAC chain. AG is the first Gamefi project of the AAC chain.

In tower defense and NFT games, the blockchain game Agravity breaks both ways.

Why AG?

Basically, Agravity is a game funded by Hardcandy Studio! And also, we work with a lots of big partners, such as double A Chain and Media3, so it means that we can not only get support in terms of image, but also protect the stability of financial market for games, and the quality of our products that can make a lot of supporters of the project.

AG will be simple but addictive. At the same time, the game will have a built-in marketplace and wallet to significantly reduce the threshold for players to play. The rental system in Agravity will be easier to attract non crypto people to enter than other games.

Actually, AG is a new experience for users who already have interest in NFT games. Users can cash AG in the future in many aspects. as i mentioned above that, you will have an opportunity of trading NFT in the market to earn. Now, if i talk about the trading of NFT, maybe you all knows that NFT trade is a huge topic in social media nowadays.

Why AG price is going higher?

These days AG has many news regarding his own comic arts that’s been shared on AG’s platforms e.g Twitter, Telegram, Discord and many others, and AG also announced that his 2nd comic art is also ready to share with AG users, due to which users showed interest by visiting AG platforms. Additionally AG is an Media3 and AAC project. everyone knows that Media3 is a well known project with many recent achievements in the field of NFT and games. SAFA is the co-founder of tally labs, a Web3 media company that creates veteran figures. He believed that the boring ape Club (bayc) opened the gate of a new era of story creation by giving NFT owners intellectual property rights to their NFT. AG is first AAc gamefi project, as a next-gen chain focusing on Metaverse and Web3, Double-A Chain has been committed to developing functions such as high transaction speed, high throughput, and low fees as main objects. In addition, it also adheres to the following design principles.

Actually AG itself is a very unique and Lightweight game with Better social attributes, High-quality content that continues to be produced. These are our competitiveness.

Another point i want to mention here is the story of AG girl. Actually, Agravity girl is a character of an astronaut girl, who stucks in space due to a spaceship disaster. Agravity girl is named “Rise” as well, which means climbing, rising, and the act of effort while suspended in weightlessness or space.

This is just a demo of AG character.

This is reality and fact that the hipe of real things always grows and users always believe in authentic products.

Above are the factors that user acknowledged and the AG price goes higher and higher in the market. 

AG features.

AG will be simple but addictive. At the same time, the game will have a built-in marketplace and wallet to significantly reduce the threshold for players to play. The rental system in Agravity will be easier to attract non crypto people to enter than other games.

In addition, as a multiplayer online game, Agravity will vigorously develop social attributes and improve social features such as friend system, chat system, battle team system, etc. trying our best to move towards SocialFi.

AG team.           

AG team has more than ten years of experience in online game development. Our team is Top 10 in the GameFi field. Our team try to use games to drive social systems. This is a completely new attempt in the industry and we hope to have very good results, through games to make socializing more enjoyable. There are more topics for users.

and also AG has regional communities such as Japan, Russia, Vietnam, India and many others.

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