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WhIsBe is an American artist known for his contribution to street art and fine art. He is currently based in Brooklyn, New York and draws inspiration from renowned Manhattan street artists, Bansky and Keith Haring. WhIsBe has carved out a niche for himself by breaking boundaries through his art which is both provocative and ingenious.

His work on a portrait of the dictator Ronald McDonald garnered him attention and made his career reach great heights. His art injects a critical twist of inquisitiveness to the masses who get to see his works. A magnanimous sculpture carved out by WhIsbe is installed in the lobby of the rebuilt One World Trade Center in New York.

His step into NFT began with a collection on Nifty Gateway named “The Vandal Gummy Collection”. It comprises 7 animated gummies colored in each color of the rainbow and a special golden gummy. The collection instantly took off and sold out in a few days. This artist is just getting started and hopes to produce even more works for the world.

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  • WhIsbe is a street artist of unverified identity from NY. He became famous thanks to mysterious vandal gummy mugshots that began appearing on the streets of Brooklyn...

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